Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yesterday VS Today's Stars-Some Fun

George Clooney or Cary Grant?

I did this with female stars from the golden years of Hollywood versus todays stars. Who do YOU choose when it comes to movie stars? Yesterday or Today's stars?

Leonardo di Caprio or Gary Cooper?

Henry Fonda or Mark Wahlberg?

Marlon Brando or Russell Crowe?

What are YOUR choices?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Think About It

Your body lets you do so many things, from breathing to getting your 'groove on' on the dance floor. Think about your body in terms of what it enables you to do, rather than what you wish it were like. Today take some time to embrace yourself, take some time to nurture it and accept it, to love it. Lavish some attention on it!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Modest Swim Wear-Fashion Show

Just to show that you dont have to look like a Quaker to wear a swim suit. Its now summer in Australia so I hope this helps when you choose your next bathing suit?

We all like to look fashionable and with these swim suits you do. There doesnt have to be cleavage in order to look great in bathers. What do YOU think?

Kids also can look modest as well as fitting in with their friends.

I think these swim suits look great, whatever size you are. What do YOU think?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

How Big Portion Size?-Advice Needed PLZ

Am I being unrealistic to think that this portion size for a man is too small? The mouse represents how much meat one is supposed to eat. The light bulbs are the vegetables and the cards are potatoes(I think). I am not even going to wonder what the dice is for?
Look at your mouse and how small it is. If I were to serve my father or brother this portion size, their response would be, 'ok, that's one mouthful where's the rest?'
Is this picture unrealistic for a man's appetite or am I dishing up too much?
Here is an example as to the portion size I dish up for my family:
3 loin chops ( I have 1 loin chop)
2 icecream scoops mash potatoe (I have 1 scoop)
2 icecream scoops peas & assorted vegetables.(equal measure)
Does that seem to be too much?
What do YOU think of that portion size pic? I could really do with some advice on this? Thanks.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beauty Within

Such beauty that lies within
No joy that can compare.
You can search the world all over.
You won't find it anywhere.

All these things are fragile.
Get old and pass away.
But the beauty that lies within us
Lasts forever come what may.

This rare and special beauty
Can lay hidden from your view.
I know that you can find it
By searching within you.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dress Sexy At Any Size-Tyra Banks

This is not a long video, but one can see the emotional pain felt by women who are plus size. It has a postive message. You Go Girls!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Women - YOU Are Beautiful And Precious

“I need a new wardrobe.” “I wish I had her body.” “I guess I’ll never look good enough.”

Ever had a thought like that? We may not be in the habit of saying these shallow things out loud, but all of us have thought them. We find ourselves filled with anxiety over our appearance—to the extent that we quickly slip into compare-and-criticize mode. It’s a common feeling among women, and it is obviously contrary to what the Bible says.

Our beauty should come from within us, not outside us. The Bible tells us that beauty is found in having a gentle and quiet spirit. Loveliness grows out of living a life centered on God and the contentment found in his love. Outward beauty will fade. But a gentle and quiet spirit is unfading beauty. True beauty really does come from within.

We women have such beautiful potential in Christ—He has created us to bless the world in ways that men cannot. But sometimes we reject this potential without even realizing it, by simply choosing to focus on the temporary, fleeting, and false sense of beauty.

How do we develop a gentle and quiet spirit? Sometimes it’s in the little things—looking in the mirror less often, for instance. When I am tempted to stare at myself and criticize, I choose to stop and thank God for blessing me with a working body—a body that can be used to further God’s kingdom. It may be posting verses about true beauty in your bathroom.

Most importantly, it’s finding time to just sit and rest with God. Set aside the world’s and your own expectations and allow him to work in your life.

Let him develop in you the “unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.”