Saturday, November 17, 2007

How Big Portion Size?-Advice Needed PLZ

Am I being unrealistic to think that this portion size for a man is too small? The mouse represents how much meat one is supposed to eat. The light bulbs are the vegetables and the cards are potatoes(I think). I am not even going to wonder what the dice is for?
Look at your mouse and how small it is. If I were to serve my father or brother this portion size, their response would be, 'ok, that's one mouthful where's the rest?'
Is this picture unrealistic for a man's appetite or am I dishing up too much?
Here is an example as to the portion size I dish up for my family:
3 loin chops ( I have 1 loin chop)
2 icecream scoops mash potatoe (I have 1 scoop)
2 icecream scoops peas & assorted vegetables.(equal measure)
Does that seem to be too much?
What do YOU think of that portion size pic? I could really do with some advice on this? Thanks.