Monday, December 17, 2007

How Tyra Got It Wrong

The other day I accidently stumbled across The Tyra Banks Show the topic was 'So What!'

Now I am all for plus size women, actually all sized women to like who they are but I disagree with how Tyra went about getting that message across.

A group of women decided to flaunt their curves by wearing hipsters and boob tube tops which allowed their stomachs to be on view. They carried around a sign which said, 'So What.'

Showing off your stomach is simply not classy. I dont care if a woman is a size zero the bare midriff is a look that is simply in bad taste.

I believe it is more classy to conceal the parts of our anatomy that makes one self conscious there is nothing wrong in that. As women, whether plus size or petite sized we need to feel comfortable as well as looking good in our clothes.

The women who were wearing the awful hipsters and boob tubes did not look good. Flaunting our bodies is not self empowerment, dressing modestly means a woman respects her body and likes who she is.

The bared belly look is simply trashy and demeans women.

Tyra got it wrong. What do YOU think?