Friday, January 4, 2008

Hating Britney Inc

Hating Britney Spears is becoming quite an industry and a descipable one at that!

It is obvious that this young woman is out of control. To be honest I think the poor girl is in danger of losing her mind completely. Is that laugh worthy? Is it a joke to laugh at a woman who has sunk so low?

This is a young woman who has lived her entire life in the glare of the media, where were her parents then and where are they now?

Britney and her entourage made the mistake that by titillating her audience this would then lead to a viable career. They were wrong. How can anyone respect a young girl if she has no respect for herself? Titillation is no substitute for substance.

To continually demean this lost young woman is a disgrace. What headline is going to tip her over the edge? Or doesnt the media care so long as it sells?

I hope that Britney's parents will step up to the plate, take control of their daughters life and remove her from the glare of the media as she tries to revaluate her life and where it all went wrong.

My fear is that this young woman wont live to see 2009 if something is not done.

I cannot speak for YOU, but I for one am not joining the 'lets hate Britney brigade.' Instead I pray that she will receive the help she so desperately needs.