Saturday, August 25, 2007

Diets Be Banned

The biggest myth for plus size ladies is to be told they need to diet. Upon hearing this many then rush out and buy the latest diet books and DVD's, thereby feeding a billion dollar industry.

Stop it!

It is not another fad diet one needs. It is a lifestyle change. When you decide that the weight that you are now carrying is unhealthy for you personally, then it is time to take a hard look at your lifestyle.

First consult your doctor for a general check-up if you find that your BP and cholosterol levels are too high then change is not only needed it is crucial. You owe it to yourself and to your family to maintain your health, but how do you do that?

A lifestyle change means exactly that. So be sure you choose to eat the foods that are not only healthy but what you enjoy eating. Remember this is not a diet. This is the way you will be eating for the majority of your life.

This is not an occasion to be glum as if the joy of eating has been denied you. Be excited about your choices, revel at the excitement of reading healthy recipe books. Enjoy experimenting with nutritious ingredients and making whole new dishes for yourself and your family.

It is all about positive thinking and motivation and enjoying the process. Do not chain yourself to your weight scales. There is no need to be obsessive about the numbers on a scale. Rather turn it around and simply aim to go down a dress size or two. That sounds much better than being forced to lose 14-28 pounds or stones or kilo's, you will feel overwhelmed before you even begin.

Remember why you are doing this. You are doing it for YOU. Make sure you are not aiming for a dress size that would best suit an anorexic. Be realistic about your goals and then maintain your weight at a size where YOU feel comfortable and happy.