Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Food Glorious Food

The enjoyment of food is one of the joy's of life. Let us not fool ourselves we all enjoy delicious delights though there are many nutritionists who try and instill a fear of food in order that we will eat less. This has merit but it is not food that is making a whole generation overweight it is the portion sizes that we are eating.

We are eating more and exercising less in this age of technology as we become more and more sedentary in our everyday lives. It is this very inactivity that must change along with how much food we are consuming in a day.

Some magazines suggest we eat six or eight small meals a day, while other magazines say we should eat three well balanced meals a day. This can be confusing for who is right? Do we begin eating six meals or three meals?

What is needed is a sense of balance mixed with common sense. To deprive ourselves and our families of delicious foods is wrong. There is nothing wrong with eating desserts so long as it is done sensibly. We do this by remembering that we are filling our stomachs and not our entire body content, so make sure that the portion size reflects this.

One of the ways to achieve this is to place our food on plates or bowls that are smaller, rather than grab the biggest plate and load it up. As an example when it comes to dessert, one dollop of cream or one scoop of ice-cream over fruit or puddings will not lead you to become excessively obese. It is overeating that leads to obesity not simple eating.

Because nearly everybody loves their food especially the most deliciously wicked delights. Do not deprive yourself of them but to remember that what you eat will have to be worked off.

Exercise need not be a joyless endeavor, it can be fun. Who made the rules when it comes to exercise? If you are a mother of young girls then when you finish your evening meal go outside in your yard and play with them. Remember the hoola hoop, hop scotch or a skipping rope? Age should be no barrier to good old fashioned fun. For a half hour or so jump around with real exuberance and have a laugh. Then of course there's such things as baseball or basketball and if you have a trampoline even better.

Personally I loathe the usual 'work out mentally'. I hate gyms, especially uni-sex gyms. There are just some positions one has to take while excercising that men should not see! What I found that works for me is to dance. I simply made up my own CD with 2 fast songs and then one slow one. I dance in the privacy of my room, it is great fun. Let's face it we wont persevere doing something we loathe so choose an excercise regime that works for you.

In this way we end up having the best of both worlds. We are enjoying our food without feelings of guilt as well as gaining the exercise our bodies need to work off those delectable treats.

In all things moderation is the keyword, enjoy all food in moderation. This way you and your family will be living life to the full while enjoying the fruits of your labor which can be found in food and good old fashioned family fun.

Embrace life. Eat well and most importantly keep a spirit of fun and exuberance.

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