Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Weight Wars

At times women are their own worst enemies in that we have placed our trust in another person's opinion of us. By doing this we are setting ourselves up as people pleasers. We will do anything to be loved except the obvious we have no love for ourselves. How did we get here?

The media began a propoganda campaign many years ago and we all bought into it. They served up a dish called self loathing and we asked for seconds. Large women are not allowed to enjoy life, no! We must hang our heads in shame, we live our lives in apology for our size. How dare we be big and an even worse sin how dare we be happy about our plus size.

Where did the idea that large women were to be despised and denigrated spring from? Once again the media via magazines, TV and cartoons, you know the 'fat woman jokes'? Guess what they are not funny! Would we make fun of the disabled? Or a person from another religion or race? Society doesn't tolerate that kind of 'humour' it's now called 'hate crimes'. Yet when it comes to plus size women all bets are off and society applauds this acceptable prejudice.

How do we stop this prejudice it stops with YOU! Women who happen to be a plus size need to re-learn to love who they are where they are. Do not deprive yourself of happiness, do not fall into the 'I'll only be happy when I'm a size 6' mind set. If you are not happy now you wont be happy at size 6 either. You will be skinny and miserable, you will become so self absorbed that happiness will be a memory.

Women need to re-learn that Big is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. Do not settle for less. YOU yes YOU are a worthwhile beautiful creation of God. You were born to love and be loved and that love begins with yourself.