Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weights On Your Mind?

Starvation figure

In Today's media we are assaulted daily with what we are 'supposed' to look like. Images of stick thin and starving models and actresses are plastered on nearly every women's magazines. Do these women magazines have it right?

I read in a magazine that in today's world Marilyn Monroe would be considered overweight, right alongside Sophia Loren and Jane Russel. Essentially these lovely ladies would never have a career in today's society because they would be considered 'fat'.

Who are these weight Gestapo? They are the publishers of magazines which try and dictate how a woman should look. They are invariably dictating to YOU! The tragedy is many women are buying into this dictatorial approach to women's issues.

Let's face it there is money to be made in making women feel miserable about themselves. Weight companies, diet books and DVD's, personal trainers etc exist on their ability to seduce you into self loathing. This is not a healthy approach to good living.

We dont need to spend billions of dollars on diet fad books or the latest diet pill what we need is a healthy approach to our bodies and what we put into them. What women need to do is to simply eat in moderation, which means you can have your slice of cake and eat it too, you just cant eat the entire cake!

One of the greatest pleasures in life is eating delicious food. There is nothing wrong in eating good and tasty food so long as we watch the portion size.

So ladies are you sick and tired of being told what you should look like? Rather than accept the dictatorial approach of making us hate our own bodies, learn to live with your shapely bumps. Don't fall into the 'thin at all costs' neurosis but instead celebrate your curves!

Curvacious figure