Saturday, August 25, 2007

Media VS Real Women

I remember when Titanic was being made and that wonderful actor Kate Winslet was attacked by the media for being 'too fat for the role'. How pathetic and how wrong can the media get it? Does Kate look too fat for the role? What do YOU think?

I also remember when Elle Mcpherson had her baby and 2 weeks later she was attacked for 'not losing her baby fat fast enough' how illogical and insane is the media view of women?

Then Tyra Banks had the audacity to gain some curves and yes, you guessed right she was also attacked by the media for being ' too fat for TV'. What do YOU think?

Here are the ladies that the media find acceptable half starved actresses. Is this YOUR view of a healthy woman? Why is Lindsay Lohan drunk and out of control? Could it be that she drinks to stop the hunger pangs? Is this YOUR idea of a healthy example for teens? What do YOU think?