Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pure Fashion-Modelling Modesty

There is a wonderful new site called 'Pure Fashion' where young models promote dressing with modesty while at the same time appearing chic and classy.

As you can see the models look fantastic. While the clothes are hip, stylish and edgy without being vulgar.

Teenagers also need help in accepting that they are beautiful no matter their size. On this site the models represent all sizes whether they be slim or curvaceous, mainly because their objective is to promote self esteem and to show that no matter what size you are, you can look fantastic.

Can anyone say that these lovely girls look terrible because they may not be a size 6, 8 or God forbid a size 0?

Here are the Rules that the company made.

As Pure Fashion models, We believe:

That our private parts should remain private.

That undergarments should not become outer-garments.

That our bodies are holy and sacred and our clothing should not reveal what should be concealed.

That virtue is the most important must have for every season.

That we can be pretty without being provocative.

These are just some of their Golden Rules. Don't you just love it? Girls it is time to celebrate your curves in a classy and stylish manner. What do all you mothers and daughters out there think of this great site?