Monday, September 3, 2007

Sarah & The Toxic Media-How it affects YOU!

Does Sarah look fat to YOU?

I remember watching on TV the emerging romance between Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. I knew immediately that the poor girl simply wasn't suited to the Royal life. What I didnt expect to see was the viscious way the press treated her.

We think that we dont take any notice of the media and its assault on plus size women. The truth is many women DO take notice and slowly and insidiously the media infiltrates into our minds and the way we view our bodies.

Sarah, when giving her pre-wedding interview stated that she would not take any notice of the way the media were reporting on her dress size. With great bluster she continued on and said that the only opinion she would listen to was Andrew, and he loved her as she is. The sad part is that Andrew did love his voluptuous Sarah, but his Sarah despite her comments to the contrary began to read the headlines and then to believe them.

The media's assault on Sarah Ferguson amounted to mental cruelty, with such headlines as 'The Duchess of Pork' and on and on it went. Through their papers these reporters and editors were bent on destroying this young woman's dignity and self worth. They very nearly succeeded.

Just like Sarah we often think that we dont take notice of the media, but is it a case that in fact we do? Like poison gass we breathe in the fumes of these toxic magazines, papers and entertainment programs by reading and watching them and we, just like Sarah begin to doubt our self worth.

There was nothing wrong in Sarah's curvaceous figure and yet Sarah bit the bait that the toxic tabloids threw at her and believed that she was ugly, fat and unfit to live.

If a member of the Royal Family can be so affected by the media, we need to realise that we are also susceptible. By listening to the media's hatred of plus size women we begin to hate our perfectly normal body and its curves.

Do you hate YOUR curves? If so then the next question is where did you learn to hate your own body?

We are not born to hate our bodies, that is learnt behaviour. Who is YOUR teacher when it comes to your own self image?